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Think is Umeå University's magazine filled with news about research, education, alumni profiles etc. from Umeå University. The magazine is available in English (Think) and Swedish (Tänk), and an online version can be found at

The magazine's target audiences include alumni and external collaborative parterns, but it is also made available to all employees and staff at Umeå University.

Think presents interdisciplinary texts, portraits and commentary. The first issue had its debut at the opening of the Arts Campus Spring 2012, and the second release was synchronised with the inaugural events for the European Culture of Capital year in Umeå on January 31, 2014.

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News from Umeå University

2017-02-16 A Financial Transaction Tax might contribute to the closing of sustainability gaps in the EU budget Strengthening the link between smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and the EU system of own resources, the introduction of Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) as a tax-based own resource could contribute to the decrease in the existing sustainability gaps. Those are the findings of the recent FairTa...

2017-02-16 Mosquito net better for groin hernia at no extra cost Using sterilised mosquito net instead of commercial mesh for repairing inguinal (groin) hernias opens the way for improved care without an increase in cost for low-income countries. This according to a study conducted in rural Uganda by researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Umeå University and Maker...