Alumni magazine "Think"

Think is Umeå University's magazine filled with news about research, education, alumni profiles etc. from Umeå University. The magazine is available in English (Think) and Swedish (Tänk), and an online version can be found at

The magazine's target audiences include alumni and external collaborative parterns, but it is also made available to all employees and staff at Umeå University.

Think presents interdisciplinary texts, portraits and commentary. The latest issue was released in 2015 and focused on the University's 50th year anniversary.

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News from Umeå University

2017-04-21 HPC Scheduling in a Brave New World New technologies and tools to manage supercomputer systems more efficiently meet the research's ever increasing need to handle large amounts of data and make advanced simulations. Gonzalo Rodrigo defends his doctoral thesis "HPC Scheduling in a Brave New World" on April 21st.

2017-04-20 Design students visualise children’s ideas for a disconnected future What kind of communication devices are needed in a world where all electronic communication is out of order? Twelve ten year old children from Hällsbo school, a special school in Umeå, gave students at Umeå Institute of Design, Umeå University, this task. On Monday 24 April the students present thei...