Alumni events around the world

Events for alumni are held in Sweden and around the world throughout the year. Alumni are also invited to public events at Umeå University. Make sure to keep your contact information updated in the Alumni network so that you do not miss out on invitations.

In 2012, Umeå University's first official international alumni events were held in Bejing and Shanghai, China. Since then, there have been numerous of alumni events around the world, from the Caught by Umeå tour in eight different European cities in 2013, to events in different parts of Asia and South America.

We encourage our alumni to contact us if you are interested in arranging an alumni meet up, no matter where you are in the world.

Calendar of Events

October 2017

23 October at 18:00–20:00

First Alumni after work New York City

Other Save the date! We invite you to the ever first Umeå University alumni get together in New York City. Come, meet and mingle with fellow Umeå University alumni at an informal After Work.

25 October at 18:00–21:00

Alumni event Washington DC

Other Welcome to a joint alumni event at the House of Sweden in Washington DC on October 25.

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