About Umeå University Alumni

The word alumni originates from Latin and means pupil, disciple or protégé. It is a word often used for former students. Umeå University was one of the first universities in Sweden to initiate activities directed at alumni.

Umeå University hopes to be able to play a role in your lifelong learning. As alumni you will be informed about the in-service training courses and courses improving your knowledge and skills that Umeå University offers. From a professional role perspective it may also be interesting for you to take part in ongoing research projects at Umeå University and help to lead the way for the competence developed at the University.

If you feel that you would like to share your knowledge and skills with students it may be interesting and rewarding for you to help us find degree projects and internships or to assist as a mentor for our students. This is also an excellent way of establishing contacts with your future colleagues.

As a member of the Alumni network you will be updated about what's happening at the University, from ongoing research and eduaction, to upcoming events for alumni around the world. You are a part of a global network with the chance to make new connections around the world, social or professional. It's free of charge to be a member.

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Caught by Umeå German Alumni Chapter